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Education and
Training Fund. 

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Our Education and Training fund strives to support both current and past cricketers to continue and complete education and career training to prepare them for a life beyond the cricket field. This support will be given in the form of annual grants to assist with fees and associated learning costs.

Our PD Managers will work alongside players to identify their career paths post cricket and encourage them to seek relevant qualifications and training.

Why an Education and Training fund?

  • To encourage players to begin, or continue, their professional qualifications to assist their transition from playing cricket.

  • Prepare players for a career outside of cricket to reduce stress related to retirement and transition.

  • To provide a positive focus for the players that will enhance their performance within cricket.

  • Enable players to retire from the game on their own terms and transition seamlessly into a career of their choice.​

Who is eligible to apply?
All member applications are considered on a case by case basis, but to be eligible players must be actively engaged with their PD Manager on their personal development plans. 

How to apply for a grant?

  1. Ask your PD Manager to confirm whether you are eligible to apply for a contribution grant from the Education and Training fund.

  2. Complete the application form (below).

Education and Training Options
The fund will subsidise course, examination or other related costs for;

  • Tertiary Education

  • Apprenticeships

  • Certifications

  • Work Safe NZ

  • Other professional qualifications

Education Fund Application.

Personal Details

Course Details

Course Costs

NOTE: Education Fund payments MUST be made directly to the Education Institutions or to Studylink. The NZCPA is NOT able to reimburse players for course costs. 

Attach Invoice

Please Note: If you withdraw from the course, you will need to reimburse the NZCPA the full amount of our contribution.

Your application has been sent. Thanks.

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