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The FICA Annual Meeting was held in Singapore this week, attended by the FICA Board, member players’ associations, and a number of invited guests. The meeting included the following agenda items and outcomes: Player Feedback and FICA Global Scheduling Symposium The Board received external presentations and an update following men’s team meetings held during the ODI World Cup in India, and women’s team meetings held in South Africa earlier in the year. The Board noted the strong player feedback on the global structure of the game and scheduling, in particular, and approved the hosting of a player led Global Scheduling Symposium in 2024. Any media opportunities around this will be advised closer to the time. US Cricketers Association The Board was pleased to note the formation of the US Cricketers’ Association and confirm its acceptance into FICA with observer status. The Board noted that alongside player leadership, Walter Palmer, the former Head of the World Players’ Association, will be joining the USCA Executive Committee. The Board was disappointed to hear several further reports of national governing bodies, leagues and teams around the world actively opposing or threatening players who exercise their right to organise, form and join players’ associations. FICA will be investigating these reports and will continue to assist player groups around the world who ask for its support. FICA Domestic Leagues Hub The Board approved the 2024 launch of the FICA Leagues Hub as a tool for players and agents globally in the domestic leagues landscape, and as a consolidated resource in the game. Given there are almost no enforceable global protections in place for players competing in sanctioned cricket, despite them being prevented from competing outside of it, the Leagues Hub will highlight in which leagues player terms have been negotiated with player collective representatives aligning with international best practice, and in which leagues they haven’t. It will also highlight those leagues in which the late or non-payment of players has been reported. FICA and Pakistan The Board was pleased to welcome Sana Mir to her first in person Annual Meeting and discussed issues in Pakistan and how FICA may best be able to assist and support players and the game in the region moving forward. ICC Events 2024 – 2027 The Board noted the ongoing positive progress with the ICC with respect to player Squad Terms and player commercial rights for the next cycle of ICC Events, and other issues impacting players at global level. The Board also discussed the need for global minimum standards with respect to player safety issues including heat and air quality, which will be raised with the ICC.

Board Changes The Board was pleased to welcome Kenny Godsman as the Scottish Cricketers’ Association’s nominee, and thanked Ally Evans for his significant contributions to the Board and as the inaugural President of SCA. FICA Chairman Heath Mills said: “Cricket is moving closer to a cross roads, in particular with respect to its global structure. Irrespective of who is driving decisions in the game, we know that the players will be at the centre of it’s future in every landscape. We continue to encourage the game’s leadership to engage with players’ associations domestically and with FICA at global level, to ensure that principles of collaboration and partnership, and world class structures, underpin the future of our sport.” FICA Independent Director Sana Mir said: “The level of expertise and debate in these forums is world leading and it has been eye opening to see the difference that can be made for players and the game through effective collective representation. I would like to see more players from more parts of the world be able to understand and enjoy the benefits of this.” FICA CEO Tom Moffat said: “It has been inspiring to bring our Board and member players’ associations together to discuss our progress as a collective and align on our direction of travel as a group. Given the number of issues in the game becoming global issues, there is a strong commitment to ensuring that players are effectively represented at all levels and well positioned for where the game is heading.”



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