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Josh Brodie's Inspiring Journey from Cricket to Hospitality to Ironman

Professional cricketer turned hospitality professional turned recently appointed Club Manager at Les Mills, Josh Brodie, is gearing up for an extraordinary challenge—an Ironman in Taupo this March. This challenge is not just about personal accomplishment for Josh and defying the odds to inspire others, it's also a fundraiser to support the Asthma Foundation, a cause close to Josh's heart.

Josh's journey began with severe asthma in childhood, an obstacle that seemed insurmountable. Reflecting on those challenging times, Josh shared, "I had really bad asthma or severe asthma growing up, basically from probably age five onwards...for example, when I was nine years old, I had three times the adult dose of Prednisone just to keep my lungs open, let alone playing sport or cricket."

Despite the health setbacks, Josh displayed remarkable resilience. Determined to pursue his dream of becoming a professional cricketer, he faced scepticism from doctors who doubted his ability due to his asthma. Josh's response was simple yet powerful, "I wasn't gifted with a great set of lungs when I was younger, but there's no reason why I couldn’t be the hardest worker at training or the hardest worker in the room."

His perseverance paid off, making the Wellington under-19 team. “I was always close at 15s and 17s and stuff, and then the under-19 team was announced. It was nine days before the tournament started and I said, right, I'm just going to get possessed here and I just hit balls for hours and hours. We're talking probably six to eight hours of just batting every day, I turned up for the first game, got a big hundred and I think I was top run scorer,” he recalled. That dogged determination and drive earned him a spot in the Wellington Firebirds. Josh's mindset was clear: "I'm going to be first there, last to leave every training."

However, his cricket career took an unexpected turn when he chose to retire to pursue a career in hospitality. "The NZCPA were great, I was 27 years old and not once did anyone say you’re a bit young, never this never that. In fact, they helped facilitate my first meet with Choice Hotels who were involved with cricket at the time. My PDM and the hotels I was chatting to were wonderful, very flexible, very was great, super supportive," shared Josh.

Working with Choice Hotels, he found his footing in the hospitality industry. Josh's journey continued across New Zealand and Australia, managing hotels juggling a variety of stakeholders and facing challenges ranging from guest injuries to bizarre incidents like hotel lobbies catching fire. Despite the unpredictable nature of his career, Josh maintained a competitive edge derived from his cricket days, stating, "I might not be the most skilful player, but I would outwork anyone." This competitiveness and leadership skills acquired in cricket seamlessly translated into the business world.

Now, Josh is not just facing any new challenge but an Ironman challenge. "My goal is to do the New Zealand Ironman on March 2nd in Taupo...a big day with a 4K swim, 180K bike, and a 42.2K marathon run."

The motivation behind this Ironman endeavour is to raise $50,000 for the Asthma Foundation to support children and young families with asthma around education and medication support. Josh's connection with asthma fuels his desire to inspire young kids: "It doesn't need to hold you back. If you want to achieve what you want to achieve, you just have to work hard for it."

As he prepares for this gruelling Ironman, Josh emphasises the importance of balance, acknowledging family as a top priority. Despite the demanding training schedule, he ensures to be present for his wife and young daughter.

Looking ahead, Josh sees this Ironman as just the beginning of his journey to inspire and motivate others. His message is clear: face challenges headon, make tough decisions, and pursue your goals relentlessly.

Josh's story isn’t just about overcoming asthma or excelling in cricket and hospitality; it's about embracing change, inspiring others, and proving that resilience knows no bounds. If you would like to support his cause and make a donation, Josh is actively engaging on Instagram @josh.brodie and through his campaign website, where he shares training videos and raises awareness about asthma.



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