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The 11th annual Player Induction Forum was held on the 13th and 14th of September in Auckland at Eden Park with the eleven newly contracted men and twelve newly contracted women from across the six Major Associations. The group were inducted to a range of areas within the professional cricket environment and educated on the range of services the CPA provide to them now they are part of the professional cricketing environment in New Zealand.

Securing their first cricket contract is an exciting time for players but we are also aware that it comes with a much greater range of expectations, responsibilities and commitments. The purpose of the induction forum is to ensure that players are aware of the services offered by, and the role of the NZCPA, that will support them through and beyond their playing career.

Professional sport creates an environment which can be hugely rewarding, but equally hugely challenging for players. Providing them with an overview of the reality of this world is a catalyst to developing the skills required to navigate their life inside and outside of their cricketing career.

The induction forum provides a unique opportunity for players to get to know and interact with NZCPA staff in an informal way, and is one that we know provides the platform to enhance the engagement with players from the earliest stages of their cricket career.

Michael Bracewell and Katie Perkins attended day one of the forum to share their experience and insight into life as a professional cricketer. These insights that Bracewell and Perkins were able to provide was an invaluable lesson into the variability that cricket throws at players. Normalising uncertainty, setbacks and the pathway to success is different for every player and the balanced approach that each were able to share about their perspective was very well received by the 2023 inductees.

Through day two there we were grateful to Sanj Silva and Kayne Wahlstrom from valued partner Money Empire, plus service providers, InsureYou, Superlife and Instep who added valuable contributions to our Induction Forum.

Topics discussed over the two-day forum were;

  • Introduction to the NZCPA

  • Personal Development Programme

  • Master Agreement and Player Contracting

  • Cricket Player Property Trust and Promotions

  • Life as a professional cricketer – Michael Bracewell, Katie Perkins

  • NZC High Performance Programme – Bryan Stronach, Liz Green, Dan Archer

  • The Cricketers Retirement Fund – Superlife

  • Medical, Insurance and ACC - InsureYou

  • Prioritising your Well-being - Instep

  • Importance of good Financial Management – Money Empire

New Central Districts Hinds player Emma Mcleod was excited to learn about the services available and insights stating “Michael Bracewell and Katie Perkins were inspiring and the biggest takeout for me was your identity outside of cricket. It’s so important having a balanced lifestyle and how it affects how you play and deal with pressure, it’s so important to have other things going on in your life.”

Wellington Firebird Muhammad Abbas said the key standout for him was “Bringing all the newly contracted players together into this environment has been really good, it’s been a personal growth thing for me, learning about all the topics from CPA and the guests they invited. I also thought the idea of the CPA being your club for life regardless of the numbers of games you play was a good initiative from our organisation.”

Initiating a supportive relationship with our newly contracted players is an important step in their professional cricketing lives, as it provides them with a foundation of knowledge as they embark on what we hope will be a successful time in, and outside the game. These new players left secure in the knowledge that the NZCPA is a club they are now part of for life.

New contract players (men)

Auckland Harjot Johal

Canterbury Rhys Mariu

CD Jack Boyle, Will Clark, Curtis Heaphy

ND n/a

Otago Thorn Parkes, Ollie White

Wellington Muhammad Abbas, Nick Greenwood, James Hartshorn, George Severin, Jesse Tashkoff

New contract players (women)

Auckland Olivia Anderson, ​Skye Bowden, Elizabeth Buchanan, Kate Irwin

Canterbury Jodie Dean, Abigail Hotton, Ema Irwin

CD Anna Apperley, Flora Devonshire, Kate Gaging, Emma McLeod

ND Yaz Kareem, Tash Wakelin, Eve Wolland

Otago Chloe Deerness, Louisa Kotkamp, PJ Watkins

Wellington Hannah Francis, Phoenix Williams



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