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As the sun graces New Zealand with its warm embrace, cricket fever sweeps across the country, we welcome you to an edition of Outright that encapsulates the essence of both summer and the spirit of the game we all love.The unmistakable sound of leather on willow, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the anticipation of thrilling matches under hopefully clear skies – this is the magic of summer cricket.

In the cricketing arena, the Blackcaps are in the thick of an action-packed summer as they face off against Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, and Australia. Fans have just witnessed a mouthwatering 5-match T20 series against Pakistan, with 2 Tests against South Africa, and a riveting 3-match T20 series followed by 2 intense Test matches against Australia to wrap up the summer. Meanwhile, the White Ferns will be put to the test as they host England in a 5-match T20 series and engage in a series of 3 captivating One Day Internationals to wrap up the kiwi

summer of cricket in early April.

Beyond the boundaries, this edition of Outright unveils some superb stories

about our members. Join us as we reconnect with past player Josh Brodie,

as we gain insights into his pursuits that have kept him engaged and inspired

since his playing days. Former NZCPA Chair and new NZC CEO Scott Weenink shares some of his fondest memories of the game and we get a snippet of how he is bedding into the new role. We canvas two current players who are developing their own businesses alongside their cricket careers. Josie

Penfold gives us an insight into her latest venture, where along with study

and cricket she has opened a café in the bustling Clevedon village, and we hear

how her quest for the perfect cup of coffee has becomes an art form. Peter

Younghusband's entrepreneurial journey takes a leap as we explore the thriving

success of his sock business. Our opening article is with Gabby Sullivan, shedding light on the incredible work she is doing with at-risk youth through her work at Comcol. Empowering success in our youth through education, training and wraparound support.

So whether you're at the cricket, relaxing at the beach, or in your favourite

armchair, we hope you enjoy this edition of Outright and wish you all a safe and

happy 2024.

To read the magazine click here or on the image above.

Nga - mihi nui




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