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09 Nov 2022 - by FICA

The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) held its Annual Meeting at Adelaide Oval this week, the first in person meeting of the full Board post the Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting was attended by the leaders of all FICA member players’ associations, president Lisa Sthalekar, and several guest presenters including:

  • Greg Barclay, ICC Chairman

  • Sanjog Gupta, Head of Sports, Star & Disney India

  • Dan Christian, former Australian international player and domestic leagues specialist

  • Javed Ahmadi, former Afghanistan international player

  • Brendan Schwab, Executive Director World Players’ Association

Key agenda items included:

  • International player feedback – following meetings with the men’s teams affiliated to FICA during the T20 World Cup;

  • Ongoing examples of opposition to players forming players’ associations – in several countries, and ensuring all stakeholders in the game are meeting their obligation to create a safe environment for players to exercise their right to organise, which is protected by international law;

  • The next ICC events cycle – and the central role the players and their commercial rights will play in the delivery of, and additional value creation, for the game’s partners and fans alike;

  • The continuing expansion of the domestic leagues landscape and non-traditional employment pathways – and the need for balance in the structure of the game to ensure international cricket and domestic leagues can co-exist;

  • Appointments – the Board was pleased to confirm further terms for Heath Mills as Executive Chairman and Tony Irish as independent Board member.

The 2023 FICA Annual Meeting will be held in India during the men’s 50 Over World Cup.

FICA President Lisa Sthalekar said:

“Players and their associations have expressed a strong commitment to working together in a united way through FICA towards the next ICC Events cycle, and on addressing the opportunities and challenges facing players and the game. It was great to hear different perspectives from various players, ICC Chairman Greg Barclay, and Head of Sports at Disney Star, Sanjog Gupta, on how the players can be working in partnership with other stakeholders to strengthen the game.”

FICA Executive Chairman Heath Mills said:

“Where there are players’ associations around the world, we know that there will be better terms and conditions for players to operate in, and often good professional relationships with governing bodies. We remain concerned when we see and hear of examples of players being restricted or stopped from joining a players’ association or being able to freely organise themselves into a collective to have a voice and ensure they’re treated fairly. We are looking forward to working with the ICC on resolving this problem for those players who continue to be impacted.”



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